We don't just want to provide the same services as every other Western New York DJ. We want to go above and beyond. So no matter what your event, we have a DJ package for you. From weddings to nightclubs, we’re there.

No matter what your event is, we’ve got it covered. From weddings to nightlife to corporate parties and everything in between. Every Nice & Loud DJ is a full-time entertainment professional ready to give you the best event ever. 


Nice & Loud Events and Sound was founded with a simple goal: to never settle for average. You’re not having an average event, so why settle for an average DJ? When you book Western New York's best DJ company, you know you’re getting more than music. You’re getting an experience. See how Nice & Loud can transform your wedding, party, or any other event.

We don't just do weddings, we give you all types of unforgettable events at Nice & Loud. 

Events hosted and DJ'd by Nice & Loud aren’t your ordinary events. No matter what the industry, we’re there.

We love events of all kinds. Wherever celebrations are had, we’re there with awesome music and stylish MCs.

That’s what makes Nice & Loud special. We care about creating the best experience for everyone involved, with the best music. It’s all about working together.

That’s how we throw the best event imaginable. It’s all about you and your vision. And how we can help you achieve it.



Nice & Loud was founded with the simple goal to shut down the DJ standard. We’ve seen DJs all over New that do the bare minimum and pack up. And we’ve seen weddings, parties, and other events just end due to poor music, and that is something we couldn’t allow to continue.

We wanted to provide every event the best DJs in Western New York. Not just good DJs, the best DJs.

Every DJ with Nice & Loud is a professional DJ. That means music, mixing, and creating the best events is their life's work. We don't want to provide clients with a DJ who dabbles in event hosting on the weekends. You deserve the best and so does your event. So we provide the best DJs. It’s as simple as that.


A professional DJ doesn’t just play music. They also don’t just throw together a playlist. A professional DJ has mastered mixing, hosting, and reading a crowd. They’re able to determine what the next song should be to increase or maintain the current energy level. They’re also able to troubleshoot any problems that may arise throughout the event.

They’re your entertainment, your technical support, and the connection between you and your guests, customers, or audience.

Though that may seem like a lengthy job description, the best DJs make it seem easy. That’s another mark of a true professional.

Hiring a professional DJ ensures: 
  1. A smooth event. Experienced pros know how to interact with the crowd, when to take requests, and how to keep the event moving and on track.

  2. The best music. Professional DJs will also have access to the newest tracks and the best mixes. Don’t risk outdated music that clears the floor.

  3. Lines of communication. Full-time DJs know how to interact with an audience. They make announcements and facilitate the event as a whole.
When you book Nice & Loud for your event, you know you’re getting the best.