Private Parties & Corporate Events

We pride ourselves on being different than any other event or wedding DJ company in the world.  “Average” isn’t in our dictionary.  We’re passionate, talented, and insanely creative professional entertainers.  Book Nice & Loud and see for yourself.

No matter what your event is, we’ve got it covered. From weddings to nightlife to corporate parties and everything in between. Every Nice & Loud DJ is a full-time entertainment professional ready to give you the best event ever. 


We don't just do weddings, we give you all types of unforgettable events at Nice & Loud. 

Events hosted and DJ'd by Nice & Loud aren’t your ordinary events. No matter what the industry, we’re there.

We love events of all kinds. Wherever celebrations are had, we’re there with awesome music and stylish MCs.

That’s what makes Nice & Loud special. We care about creating the best experience for everyone involved, with the best music. It’s all about working together.

That’s how we throw the best event imaginable. It’s all about you and your vision. And how we can help you achieve it.


The word “cheesy” can never be used to describe a Nice & Loud event. We’re constantly looking for the most cutting-edge event tech and best remixes. That’s how we prevent our events from ever feeling stale. And we combine all of that will full-time, career entertainers. No first-timers and no outdated tracks clearing out the dance floor. That means you get professional experience, without the cheese.

It also means we work directly with you to customize your music, atmosphere, lighting, and the day itself. That’s how we keep the spotlight on you.

Nice & Loud Events and Sound has the experience, expertise, and energy to make your event the envy of your industry. From the most refined fashion shows to executive functions, we do it all.

When you book Nice & Loud for your event, you know you’re getting the best. 
  • Nightlife: From NY clubs to venues across the northeast, Nice & Loud has been involved in nightlife DJing from the beginning.

  • Corporate Events: From retreats to holiday parties, we’ve quickly become the premier boutique corporate DJ company.

  • Private Parties: No matter what your event, if it’s a celebration, Nice & Loud Events and Sound would love to make it the best ever.