School Dances

From pep rallies to formals and proms, Nice & Loud wants to go above and beyond. So no matter your event, we’re there to make it the best ever.


The Nice and Loud portfolio is an impressive testament to the major events we’ve DJ'd and hosted over the years. Wherever there’s an awesome event, you can expect to find us there bringing the party.

That’s something that makes Nice & Loud a DJ company like no other. We’re just as comfortable DJing weddings and professional football afterparties as we are doing a winter formal. When you’re confident, passionate, and talented, something special happens.

That something special is Nice & Loud Events and Sound. There’s no other DJ service quite like ours. So if you’re looking for your next marquee DJ, you just found them.


With several years of successful school dances in our portfolio of events, we understand the science behind a successful school dance. We have developed a proven promotional plan that will help increase ticket sales and builds excitement among students for the dance.

If you have a bad DJ at your school dance, it has a direct impact on the next dance. This cycle can really hurt a school in terms of student morale and ticket sales, which are used to fund future school activities.

A Nice & Loud DJ brings excitement among students for the next dance. Which will increase ticket sales, especially if the same DJ is used for the next dance. Continuing this cycle dance after dance will also allow you to increase ticket prices and overall increase the funding that comes back to the school.

Every Nice & Loud DJ is well known in the community as some of the best DJs in the area. This is because, unlike most companies in our market, Nice & Loud has a main focus on staying up to date on all the new "hip" music and we use the microphone to energize the students at the dance.
  • We're Affordable: As a boutique DJ service, we do not have cookie-cutter pricing. We want to work with your budget to make your dance work.

  • Top Music: We play the music the students actually want to hear, and we'll get the guests on the dance floor and keep them there.

  • All Clean Music: Not only do we bring the best music, it's all clean and radio-friendly. 

  • Powerful All-Digital Sound System: Our fully digital professional sound system produces crisp-sounding music with all of the bass that today's listeners expect. 


Questions for a school dance DJ can vary from school to school. But there are some important ones to make sure you’re getting the best DJ for your dance for your students.
  • Do you offer a written contract?
  • What type of music do you specialize in?
  • Do you have a song list? Can I see it?
  • Have you ever DJ’d at our school before? If so, what was the feedback like?
  • Will you take requests on the night of the event?
  • Can we meet the DJ before the dance?
  • How many hours will you be playing for?
  • What is included in your price?
  • Are you insured?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Do you have any references we can contact?
  • Do they have professional-grade equipment? 
  • Is a low price really a good price? 
With these starting questions, you can start to get a feel for your DJs vibe, and ensure that it fits in with your theme and students.